Friday, May 14, 2010

Remodling and Rain

  I feel like I have been remodeling this house since the day we moved in.  I know it is almost 100 years old and anything that old needs more than just a new coat of paint, but really??  I mean, come on!!  When will it be FINISHED??  I did BEGIN painting the living room two days ago.  It is now a lovely shade of goldenrod.  I know you still see the BEGIN don't you.  There is a story to that, lol.

  I once painted my living room a beautiful shade of sea glass green....can you tell I am an artist? lol  Well now I am tired of that color and have decided to re paint the living room.  My relatively new couch is salsa red and my new curtains are salsa red, umber, cream, and goldenrod.  I decided to use the goldenrod as my main color of choice on the walls and a chocolate as the trim....big mistake.

  First of all I decided to forgo primer.  Yea, I know I should know better, but it was a beautiful day and I was in the mood to get the paint on the walls.   It took THREE coats!!!  But the walls are almost finished being painted.  I say almost because we have VERY tall ceilings and I HATE heights so Shane is going to have to get up there and paint the top of the walls for me....and we all know how quickly that will get done.  In his defense though he did help me even out my painting job.  That is a whole other story in itself and I digress. 

So, while Shane fixes my paint job I decide to start painting the trim. LOLOLOL, yea, right.   I don't know what these people were thinking when the last painted this house but whatever they used on their trim HATES us.  Literally!!  I know I should have known better but I just started slapping the BROWN paint on the trim.  First let me say that Brown and Yellow do look like the inside of a babies diaper. YEEWWWWW!!!!!!  Okay, so I hate the brown.  Not exactly the biggest problem here though.  The trim is resisting the paint!!  It just peals right off!  Now we have to take the trim off, scrape the paint off, and possibly use a plainer on it to get the trim primed and ready.  I have been through this and I really don't want to do it again. But I have to seeing as I hate the brown and now want to go to a cream color for the accent.

  So, where does the rain come in on this?  It has been raining for two days now and I cannot paint!!  And painting is not all I have left to do.  I still need to finish taping and mudding the upstairs bedrooms but cannot because of the rain!  Don't get me wrong, I love that it is raining.  My flowers love that it is raining.  My lawn loves that it is raining.  But my walls do not.  I am just thankful that my girlfriends from the Wenches Guild will not be here for another three plus weeks.  Maybe I can get it all done in time........

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